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Make good quality videos for your website using just your iPad and a few simple accessories

My short course will teach you everything you need.

Been quoted £2000 for video - or even more?

Have you been quoted £2000 or more to make videos for your website? I know lots of businesses who have.

It may be necessary to spend that amount of money for certain types of video, but for what small businesses mostly need, the services of video production companies are overkill.

If all you want is to produce simple, short videos that are good enough to communicate with customers, tell them about you and business, and show them new products, you can do it yourself if you have the right equipment and the right skills.

That’s where I can help you. Over the last couple of years I’ve heard lots of small business owners say they would love to have video on their website, but can’t afford the prices they’ve been quoted.

So I put together a short training program to help a couple of businesses I work with. And now that they’re making videos with what they’ve learnt, I’ve decided to make it available to all.

What you’ll learn from my training

I’ll teach you how to make as many videos as you like, whenever you want, using only an iPad and £90 worth of accessories.

As well as making yourself look and sound good talking on camera, I’ll show you how to:

  • add other video, such as of a product or your premises
  • add pictures, photos, diagrams or illustrations
  • add slides, including a title slide
  • add text to video
  • add new sound over existing footage
  • upload your videos to Youtube or another video network
  • embed videos in your own website
  • name, title and tag your videos so they are found in Youtube and Google search

If you want to have two people on camera - for an interview, for example, I can show you how to do that too.

I’ll also show all all the mistakes your competitors make when they try to make their own videos - and how to avoid them.

Why you need video on your website

Here’s just some of the benefits:

  • Video is more engaging for customers
  • Video can show and demonstrate products and services better than text
  • Websites with video rank higher in Google
  • Online video can be found by customers in both Youtube and Google search
  • Showing yourself on video builds trust and a personal relationship with your customers
  • Video saves customers the effort of having to read
  • Having online video makes your business seem more up-to-date

If you’re not sure whether online video is a good investment for the future, check out what The Guardian and Forbes think.

What you can do with online video

You can use web video to:

  • Demonstrate new products
  • Explain product features and benefits
  • Highlight offers and promotions
  • Tell the story of your business
  • Offer advice to potential customers
  • Demonstrate your expertise
  • Offer product and after-sales support and advice

How It Works and What You Get

What you get:

  • Half or full day of hands-on practical training with the recommended equipment
  • Practice doing it yourself with the guidance of an expert at hand on full-day program
  • Written guides and cheat sheets to help you recall all the key points
  • A full list of recommended accessories as need during training

Training can be customised to your business and the particular types of video you want to make.

Who teaches the course?

I’ve worked a freelance business trainer for over ten years, with a wide range of clients including five universities. I’ve also taught on a film and video degree course and for projects to teach young people how to make video.

The other businesses who’ve taken this course are now happily making videos every time they have something new for their customers.

What other clients say about the course

The structure of the workshop was logical and took us through everything step-by-step. We received clear advice on exactly what to buy. Within half a day we were creating our own videos.

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Options and Prices

Premium from £ 629

Train all your staff

Full day training, at your premises or a local training venue, customised for your business, up to 16 participants.

Standard from £ 279

Option 1 - £ 399

Full day, exclusive to your business, for up to three learners at a training venue in central Nottingham or Leicester

Option 2 - £ 279

Full day, exclusive to your business for up to three learners at your business premises in Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire or Rutland

Budget from £ 199

Option 1 - £ 229

Share a training session with one other business (2 learners each maximum) at a training venue in central Nottingham or Leicester

Option 2 - £ 199

Half-day training for up to three learners at your business premises in Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire or Rutland

Need something different from these packages? We can work out something suitable when you get in touch.

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